TAHA CLAYTON s a multi-talented artist with a multi-faceted background. Born in Houston, raised in Toronto, and currently living in Brooklyn, he is a portraitist who previously worked as a carpenter, scenic painter, and set designer for films, photo shoots, and high-end events. Today all of these influences and areas of expertise flow through Clayton’s fine art, helping him approach each new work as a storyteller, as a designer, and as a director.


Clayton is now focused on painting pictures that celebrate his heritage and address mistruths of black antiquity. Culture and legacy, as well as social injustice, spirituality, and family, are among the themes of his portraits and narrative scenes; in them, he uses historical references as both reminders of the past and predictions of the future. Often they reveal that, as much as we move forward, history and human nature tend to repeat themselves.

Clarity for this artist seems to be about helping others see truth and beauty. Clayton’s spirituality and passion for culture, history, and community make his paintings as much about connecting with — and inspiring — others as they are about creating a visually compelling image. As a self-taught artist, Clayton enjoys constant experimentation and investigation into many aspects of the arts; they allow him to continue growing, learning, and becoming the artist he endeavors to be.